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Full Load Service/ Half Load Service


Full Load Service/ Half Load Service

Full Load Service/ Half Load Service

If you are seeking to transport goods in a timely, reliable and cost effective manner, and expanding the domain of your business by manifolds, then you are on the right page. If you require full truck load transport services for transporting cargo and other goods to remote, and far off locations, then Flywing is your one-stop destination. We offer the most effective full truckload transportation management solutions. Among the other full truck load companies, Flywing is the most renowned and offers part load services as well. We are a major full truck load logistics company in India and we offer our services at competitive prices. Experience superior logistics services with Flywing!


Domestic transportation is a vast industry with umpteen number of carriers and diverse routes for business houses to choose from. With ample amount of options to choose from, decision making can get difficult. It is hard to select the freight services at reliable and budget-friendly costs. Timely delivery is a major consideration. We offer our clientele the option to compare full truckload freight services along with their prices and allow them to make a wise and prudent decision. This, in turn, facilitates the reduction of time consumed and money spent in researching and hiring a logistics company.

Flywing makes your decision simple and cost-effective. With effective planning in place and full truck load transport assistance, we assure quality services to our clients in the realm of freight and cargo transport. We aim to make the entire transport process smooth and win-win for our clients and for ourselves. Using internet and technology to our advantage, we have been able to successfully cater to clients across domains and industries and there is no turning back. With every consignment that we work upon, we aim to attain a new height in client satisfaction. If the eventual goal of your company is to save on full truckload transportation costs without compromising on delivery time, Flywing is a smart choice to make. FAQs

What is FTL (Full Truck Load)?

When a truck carries one dedicated shipment, it is called Full Truck Load, commonly known as FTL.With no other pick ups or drop offs on the way, it reaches the destination sooner as there is no mid-way transit. Also, this has worked out to be cheaper than part-load trucks.

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