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What is Flatbed Trailer Transport?


What is Flatbed Trailer Transport?


Flatbed trailer transport is a transport that does not require enclosed shipping and does not fit within standard truck.

  • Handle wider loads, oversize equipment, bulk cargo
  • They generally have multiple axle to transport goods safely
  • It is so designed such that it allows for cranes and forklifts to load goods from all angles.

There are many types of flatbed trailers available in the market. 

Common types of Flatbed Trailers are:

 Drop Deck Trailers

Single drop deck that can be lowered to provide clearance overhead providing more flexibility to transport tall cargoes.

Extended Trailers


As the name says this trailer can be extended to increase the length of trailer to transport exceptionally long goods and heavy too.

Why Should You Choose Flatbed Trailer Shipping?

  • Flatbed trailer shipping comes with several benefits, most important are listed here:
  • All sides load and unload available
  • Quick and easy to load and unload heavy equipment
  • Suitable for oversize or freights with unusual shapes
  • They have multiple axle to distribute the weight evenly
  • It is good option for transport and movement of all construction machinery, agricultural or automotive machinery
  • It is secure and safe for bulk cargo transport
  • Loading docks are not essential

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