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40 Feet Flat Bed Trailer


40 Feet Flat Bed Trailer

40 Feet Flat Bed Trailer

Flywing Balaji Logistics Private Limited 40 Feet Flatbed Trailers are designed to cater to your Specific Transportation Needs

Flatbed truck, trailer or lorry are just what the name suggests. These trucks have completely flat trailers bereft of body, roof or side walls. Having no room or body serves an important purpose here. It makes it rather convenient to load or unload heavy cargo on such trucks. For all intents and purposes they are used to transport heavy cargo that are not vulnerable to vagaries of nature such as harsh rain, wind or sun. 40 feet flatbed trailers are also employed to carry abnormally heavy loads that cannot be fitted inside the body of the regular truck.


A flatbed truck has a solid flat surface usually constructed out of wooden planks. Roof or side walls are absent. Loads are kept in its place by rolling ropes over it which is hinged to tie-down hooks around its edge. Flywing transport services have a large fleet of 40 feet flatbed trailers to take efficient care of your unique transportation needs. A transporter of impeccable repute and expertise, Flywing is well aware of the fact that loads need to be tied securely to keep it from falling or being displaced during the course of the journey. The transport company as such makes use of popular tie-down accessories such as nylon strap, basket strap, V-straps, ratchet, chains or ropes to secure the cargo.

Weather protection is provided by the company if you request for it. The load is generally covered with a tarpaulin, held down by ropes. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that manual loading on these trucks is a risky job. It needs to be carried out with utmost care, skill and patience. Loosely tied load may fall off during transit leading to catastrophic accidents and snarling road traffics. To ensure that your bulky commercial consignments consisting large pipes, machinery, coils, prearranged concrete structures, wires, etc. are transported securely, you need to immediately get in touch with Flywing Balaji Logistics. The company offers customized transport solutions at pocket friendly prices and serves as your partner in growth.

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